Case Study EOS

Centralised management of IT services at the EOS group

With over 60 companies, the EOS Group is one of the leading providers of receivables management in Europe. Within the Group, EOS Technology Solutions provides the companies with comprehensive IT services and relies on smooth processes. With Serviceware, the company manages its IT controlling on a central platform and ensures a highly professional and efficient IT finance management.

"The Euro value of the services we sell must be economically plausible, both internally and externally. With Serviceware, we can ensure the consistency of our processes and complete data transparency."

Tatiana Schuldes
IT Controller, EOS Technology Solutions

All data in one place – transparent and comprehensible

“The IT products offered by us are PO-driven, which means that the product owners are fully in charge of their products – from budgets to costs. We, therefore, must provide them with a sound database so that they can get a full picture and then manage the products accordingly,” explains IT Controller Tatiana Schuldes, referring to one of the internal challenges which can hardly be coped with without a powerful ITFM tool. Furthermore, a transparent presentation of the data is important for compliance management within the entire group of companies, because, more particularly, in the field of finance services, it is absolutely necessary to trace the services sold.


Consistency of processes saves valuable time and creates trust

This establishment of a single point of truth not only ensures the accuracy and full transparency of the data, it also provides for a considerable reduction in manual efforts. Where previously countless Excel sheets were sent out, several people can now make entries simultaneously: “Whenever I adjust a screw somewhere, the rest changes by analogy and the results are directly comprehensible in the tool for everyone involved. This saves valuable time in all planning and calculation processes,” says Schuldes. “We can, for instance, finish the month end closing within two hours in this way”. The other companies within the EOS Group can now also be integrated into the workflows with the help of the Serviceware platform. This means another major added value for the company. “These direct insights into the planning of the PO shorten the co-ordination processes, create transparency also for our customers and ensure more mutual understanding among each other.”


Automated analysis and reporting options

In addition to transparency, compliance and time saving, the requirements concerning automated analysis and reporting options can likewise be met: highly complex calculation logics now function according to clear rules and in a more structured way overall by means of the Serviceware platform. In the same way, depreciations and amortisations are now calculated automatically in capital expenditure planning.

IT Controller Tatiana Schuldes is particularly enthusiastic about the drill-down: “I can look at a specific service, see the calculation for it with all cost components and immediately have a meaningful result. Almost at the push of a button.” Finally, the possibility of displaying all reportings in Power BI has also been a decisive argument.

With Serviceware Financial the centralised management of all IT processes of EOS Technology Solutions has been improved. The data generated as a single source of truth ensure the best possible IT controlling and efficient, transparent IT finance management – regardless of whether costs, sales or price calculations are concerned.

The most important highlights at a glance

  • Creation of a single point of truth through the implementation of Serviceware Financial as a central ITFM tool

  • Significant reduction of the manual effort in planning and calculation processes

  • Possibility of displaying all reports in Power BI

  • Better integration and support of the product owners

  • Customers can also be integrated into processes

Profile: EOS Group

The EOS Group is a leading technology-driven financial investor and expert in the processing of outstanding receivables. The company’s core business is the purchase of unsecured and secured debt portfolios.

With over 45 years of experience in 24 countries, EOS offers some 20,000 customers around the world smart services for all their receivables management needs. Its key target sectors are banking, real estate, telecommunications, utilities and e-commerce. EOS employs more than 6,000 people and is part of the Otto Group.


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