Otto Bock Healthcare gains transparency over 140 IT services for 90 companies with Serviceware Financial

Sustainable planning and controlling and increased efficiency despite a 50% increase in services and doubling of settlement recipients.


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Interview with Karsten Bömeke, Application Manager Account & IT Controlling at Otto Bock

To increase transparency for IT costs and services, Otto Bock Healthcare deployed the financial management software solution Serviceware Financial to replace Microsoft Excel which had been used in IT Controlling.

As a result, the medical technology company improved its controlling capacities and made significant cost savings in IT controlling. We sat down with their Application Manager Karsten Bömeke, to learn about the story of his company.

In Serviceware Financial, we found a solution that enables us to keep a reasonable balance between costs and services in our company's IT costs and services. This has continuously improved service quality for Otto Bock employees.

Karsten Bömeke
Application Manager Account & IT Controlling, Otto Bock Healthcare
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Some of the most important results at a glance

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Sustainable process cost reduction

Management of 140 IT services for 90 companies

Increased efficiency despite increase in services

Cooperation between Otto Bock and Serviceware

Otto Bock uses Serviceware Financial to process approximately 140 IT services across the company. All services are comprehensively allocated based on usage and made revision-safe for 90 companies worldwide. All IT services are aligned with departmental business processes and the costs are strictly calculated based on actual usage.

The company looked at a number of options but chose the Serviceware Financial due to its focus on matters of settlements as well as the powerful calculation of IT services. Equally important was the increase of transparency on the side of expenses for different service providers.


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