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Chempark operator Currenta is really impressed by the new dimension of transparency


Currenta is introducing a new solution for their IT service management with Serviceware, aimed at responding quickly and professionally to service enquiries by staff. 



Improved service quality in the area of education as pilot project


With a team of almost 50 people, the central IT service area Organization and Information (O&I) manages the IT services for 3300 employees at Currenta. When Outlook was introduced at the company, the decision was taken to replace the internally developed Lotus Notes application with a modern ITSM solution

To map all service processes consistently, efficiently and with little expense, the company decided in favor of a collaboration with Serviceware. The pilot project in the field of education was executed perfectly. The areas of O&I, Analytics, HR, Asset Management and SAP were then integrated in the solution as part of a Currenta project.


Serviceware allows us to attain better service quality and user satisfaction. Faults affecting staff take top priority here.

Manfred Jahnke
Head of O&I IT Applications, Currenta
Serviceware Logo.

Some of the most important results at a glance

Improvement in service quality and user friendliness


Rapid and efficient troubleshooting solutions


Individual and precise overview.

Improved transparency


Currenta and Serviceware

Using Serviceware Processes, Currenta improved its service quality and user satisfaction. Faults such as internet failure in training rooms are rectified faster and more efficiently. Faults can be prioritized quickly and easily, giving rise to a new dimension of transparency for Currenta.

A uniform process for otherwise very different areas was realized. Despite different specifications in the IT governance and routing, Currenta now utilizes a central system for everyone.


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